Private Lesson Program


Private lessons are a fantastic way to ensure your child’s success and enjoyment in band. Students who study privately progress so much more quickly due to the individualized and specialized instruction that the private teacher is able to provide. The most successful band programs can trace their success back to the fact that a large percentage of their students take private lessons on their instruments, and this is the sort of band program that Berry is are capable of having.  Students in private lessons not only tend to advance at a faster rate but also achieve a higher level of performance and enjoyment from music. Many of the instructors can teach lessons during the school day at Berry to better accommodate the busy schedule of our students and families. Also, many of the instructors offer “Facetime/Zoom” video lessons to students established on their instrument.  Beginner instruction is best in a face to face method until the proper habits are routine for our newest musicians.

Below is a list of recommended private teachers. The price for lessons will vary from teacher to teacher. Please make sure that if your child does study privately (with someone not on this list) it should be with someone who is proficient on the instrument that he/she is teaching.




Tammi Powell                205-533-3333             (teaches at Berry during school hours/private studio located in Hoover)
Barbara Harrington      205-266-6125             (studio near Berry Middle School/teaches at Berry)

Brian Hodges                 205-725-0510             (SPHS/Berry instructor)


Kelly Newport                 205-424-8712             (teaches at Berry during school hours)


Alex Zdanis                      858-735-0973                     (studio at Gadsden Music)

Dwight Houston              205-527-4756            (studio at Art’s Music)


Sandra Hill                                                          (teaches at Berry during school hours)

Brian Hodges                  205-725-0510           (SPHS/Berry instructor)

Denise Gainey                 205-975-0558          (clarinet professor at UAB)

Tabitha Robinson                                             

Cheryl O’Brien                 205-4825037          


Brian Hodges                  205-725-0510           (SPHS/Berry instructor)

Sandra Hill                                                          (teaches at Berry during school hours)

Gary Wheat                      205-586-5078                
Dwight Houston              205-527-4756          (studio at Art’s Music)


Linda Warburton            912-424-2395           (teaches at Berry during school hours)

Kris Lindley                                                         (music teacher/specialist at RES)     

Dr. Joseph Ardovino       205-665-6670          (Director of Bands at the University of Montevallo)

Harry McAfee                  205-516-3909         


Cindy Chambless*              334-224-2039     (Berry sectional teacher)

Rebecca Hudson-Mooney  205-356-5006   (studio near Berry Middle School)             

Steve Harrington                 205-980-5866     (studio near Berry Middle School)


Rowdy Giles*                                                      (SPHS/Berry instructor)

Charlie Mercier                 205-821-3906         

Chad Fisher                       205-229-1180        



Brandon Beck